Why Women’s Nature Ways?

Why the Body?

Deep within us lives profound bodymind wisdom – emerging from, crafting, and being transformed by our personal stories, dreams, creative impulses, and ancestral legacies. This inner intelligence is deeply sophisticated and dynamic, and manifests on a cellular level throughout our entire being. It is a living ecology within, an interconnected web of life that ensures our health and well-being, and reflects our individual resilience and brilliance.

Learning to experience your body from within facilitates an intimate and compassionate connection with yourself and others. Through a somatic journey, you can awaken to the subtle movement of sensation, feeling, perception, thought, intuition, and action, and learn to harmonize the inseparable nature of your body and mind. Your body becomes a beloved and deeply nourishing wellspring of wisdom, the birthplace of your own internal healing and evolution. And with your body as your ally, you become your own personal mentor and guide on the path of your physical, emotional, spiritual and soulful unfolding.

From this conscious awareness and embodied experience of our own living ecology flows an interconnectedness with all life. We experience being at once a part of a large web of consciousness that is the world outside our skin, and one that is within the microcosm of our unique bodymind. Connecting with our own body and that of the Earth’s in all her living forms, is the way to journey home to the wild and divine energy within each of us, and the path to reclaiming our most authentic and joyful place in the family of all living things.

Why Plants?

In many native traditions, plants are considered to be both our ancestors and our elders. They have offered themselves to us as food, medicine, and as materials since our beginnings. It is understood that plants care for us in the way that grandparents care for grandchildren.

As women we have long had a relationship with the plants. Our ancestral grandmothers gathered and prepared plants to nourish and support their families. With ceremony, gratitude, and care they tended the plants from which they gathered.

We as individuals may not have a close relationship with plants, but that intimate connection exists in the blueprint of who we are as human beings. As women we can connect with this timeless agreement and gift. Plants offer nourishment and healing to our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. And they have much to teach us about timelessness, right timing, and how the life force moves within us.

As women seeking to connect with vitality, our truth, and an enlivened, compassionate world, plants have much to share. Developing or deepening one’s relationship with plant spirit can lead us to an experience of our world as a truly generous place. Plants are wondrous allies in helping us find, restore, and maintain balance, and in renewing our sense of the magic of life.

Why Women?

As women we are nature-woven. Our monthly cycles are attuned to the moon. Our moods and emotions respond with the weather, the seasons, the flow around us. We, like Mother Earth, grow, tend, and birth new life from within ourselves. We give and receive in all aspects of ourselves.

When we tend to the nature of who we are as women, and to ourselves as women woven of nature — expressing its power, wisdom, and beauty – we step strongly into who we are as unique beings with gifts to express and offer.

We find pathways to embrace the joys of life and navigate its sorrows, and tap a wellspring of treasures and guidance for working with inevitable change. We grow in time to caretake the heartbeat of healthy family life, and to serve as wisewomen and elders in our communities.

Why our Workshop?

Women’s Nature Ways is designed to guide you on a transformational journey through the richly woven tapestry of body, plant and earth wisdom. As we gather throughout the changing seasons, you’ll learn tools to reclaim and celebrate your strength, resilience, creativity and deep love that allows your most authentic self to shine. In connecting with your nature in its myriad inner and outer forms, you’ll connect with ancestral embodied wisdom — a rich ground of depth, heart, and keen spirit.

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