On Being Organ-ic

Digital Illustration by Igor Morski
Digital Illustration by Igor Morski

Organs. Our life depends upon them: our heart pumps our blood; our stomach helps digest the food we eat; our lungs help us breathe (just to name a few!).

Yet, surely, we are more than our anatomy and physiology suggest. Through her groundbreaking work called Body-Mind Centering® (BMC), somatics pioneer Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen invites us to deeply learn the language of our own bodymind. BMC presumes that we are inherently conscious beings, able to connect with the wisdom of our cellular experiences.  Transformation is possible through an embodied journey.

At Women’s Nature Ways we explore the nature of our organs so we may begin to feel a sense of inner volume and organic authenticity. From this place, we can encounter our emotions, aspirations, and memories of our inner reactions to our personal histories with greater presence. Our personal story unfolds in new, integrated ways when we begin to experience the living consciousness of our organ-ic selves. And our engagement with life deepens as we bring our inner fullness to greet the world.

Here’s a simple exercise to to explore, called Brain as an Organ:

  • Find a comfortable place to lie on the floor. Close your eyes.
  • Feel the weight of your head releasing into gravity. Let your brain release inside your skull.
  • Very slowly rotate your head to the right. Feel your brain floating inside your skull.
  • Very slowly rotate your head to the left. Feel your brain floating inside your skull.
  • Bring your head back to center. Take a deep breath. Rest your brain. Feel your body from this new state.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes and receive the light, colors, textures and shapes.
  • Roll up to sitting, and eventually standing.
  • Release your exploration with a simple gratitude, physical movement, or sound.

How do you feel in your body now? What qualities of movement, mind, emotion, or sensation did you experience? Did any memories emerge? Any visions? How do you perceive your world from this different relationship with your brain?

We’d love to hear about your experience! Please share below!

Post by Stacey Hinden