I’m new to plants. Will you teach me how to make and use herbal medicine?

We will be making an herbal remedy and diving into the language and perceptions of herbalism. While not a “Herbalism 101” type of experience, you will learn the basics by doing. Even more, you’ll develop not only a relationship with the Red Cedar, but skills for dialoguing with the tree within your own body.

I’m a clinical herbalist. Will you have anything to teach me?

The Mid-Winter Retreat will give you the opportunity to fine-tune and expand your perceptions and understanding of how plants interact with our physiology and the dialogue that takes place within us when we work with plants. The practices we engage with will help you “listen” more attentively to that conversation, offering the potential to take you to a new level of effectiveness for matching an herb with a person and their condition.

I’m not a dancer. What kind of movement activities will we be doing?

Somatic movement practices are contemplative in nature, and often take place while lying on the ground or moving gently in an exploratory manner. You will be guided through gentle body-mind exercises, movement meditations, and free-form movement explorations. We’ll provide a safe environment for you to explore, and encourage you to honor your body’s desires and limitations.

I am a dancer. Can you teach me anything new about movement and my body?

Our practices draw from Authentic Movement and Body-Mind Centering®. Through both of these practices you compassionately meet yourself in the present moment. You will learn to consciously connect with various tissues layers in your body, expand your sensory awareness and increase consciousness and aliveness on a cellular level. You will experience your body as an intelligent and infinite source of movement, and dance in the exquisite interplay between body, mind and spirit.

Will we be doing vigorous nature activities?

No. We will enter into a “harmonic gait” for the weekend, slowing down to embody our true rhythm in a relaxed and grounded state. Our time outside in nature will include gentle walks, nature observation, wild harvesting, and quiet reflection.

Is food provided?

Yes, all meals are provided throughout the weekend, including Dinner on Friday night; 3 meals on Saturday; and breakfast on Sunday morning. Most meals are vegetarian and gluten free, with some meat provided for those with a more paleo diet. Special requests can be accommodated; please be sure to specify any dietary preferences/limitations on your enrollment form.

Tea and coffee are provided. We recommend you bring snacks for in-between meals nourishment.

How much time will we spend outside? And what happens when it’s rainy or the weather is inclement?

We’ll spend several hours outside during the weekend. Weather may be rainy, cool, or even warm (not unusual for our PNW mid-winter season). We’ll adjust for hazardous conditions, but it will be important to have clothing that allows you to be comfortable in rain or shine. We’ll provide a suggested gear list.

Is there electricity at Sacred Groves?

Yes, the yurt-cabins have electricity and internet access via hard-wire. However, we encourage you to unplug for as much as possible while on retreat.

Is childcare provided?

No, these retreats are designed for women only.

I’m transgender/transsexual. Am I welcome to attend?

All women are welcome, including transgender/transsexual women who identify as women and are living full time as women in their day to day lives.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes. Please bring:

  • bedding (top sheet, blankets or sleeping bag, and pillow)
  • towel
  • snacks
  • yoga mat and/or wool blanket for floor work
  • journal, writing implement


Do you have further questions?

Please contact us at:womensnatureways ‘at’ gmail.com