A Mid-Winter Retreat

RedCedar-webEnter the Flow of Mid-Winter

February marks the Earth’s awakening from her winter’s slumber, a time of renewal after a long, dark rest.

Light returns and buds appear, their color dusting the naked understory of the wood. Across fields and alongside paths, plants reveal their delicate stems, bringing promise of food, medicine, and beauty in the days ahead. Odors are stronger, as moist earth mixes with the fresh scent of young tree fronds. Sweet songbirds return to greet the new day, and chorus frogs offer a lullaby in the evening. In the heart of the forest, Pacific Northwest’s “tree of life”, the Western Red Cedar, stirs, too, from its dormancy, preparing to pollinate in spring.

With this promise of renewal, so, too, your inner knowings spark and ignite. Inspirations begin to rise and desires for transformation grow stronger as light accompanies more of our waking hours. Creativity begins to flow, and imagination and movement usher our bodymind into the flow of life.

Welcome to Women’s Nature Way’s Mid-Winter Retreat!

We invite you to circle with a powerful group of women for a weekend retreat in which we’ll explore the mystery and wisdom woven both within us and with nature. You will learn to listen to the profound bodymind wisdom within you, and attune to the timeless, generous spirit of Red Cedar to help you awaken to your new beginning.

✧ Embody Cellular Intelligence. Learn somatic movement practices to experience your body from the inside out. Enliven conscious connection with sensation and begin to weave the living wisdom of your cells with the intelligence of life around you. Experience a sense of peace and well-being in the present moment.

Embody Plant Intelligence. Engage with Red Cedar with all your senses activated. Learn to attune to this “tree of life” and interpret its “language”. Discover what Red Cedar reveals about your timeless connection to the earth and the inner fire of your nature.

PlantCraft. Learn a protocol and practice for engaging with Red Cedar and its spirit to create a vibrant and more potent food and medicine. Harvest Red Cedar for making a plant spirit extract, an elixir, and a smudge wand.

✧ Reflection. Prepare for your journey with us through our Women’s Nature Way’s Mid-Winter Guidebook. Sent to you in advance of our retreat, this ebook contains some questions and thoughts for reflection to help tune your awareness to the nature of this potent time of year.

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