Primordial Intelligence

The darkness comes more quickly now, ushering us inside – to our homes, under our warm blankets, and deep within our body-mind. Slowing down is a natural part of this cycle to focus more inwardly; and if practiced consciously, can open a world of richly textured vision otherwise lost in the hub-ub of everyday demands. Is there a path that leads to this sacred sanctuary within? And how can our authentic nature remain true when the rhythm of the holiday season tugs on our harmonic gait, and dares us to deny our attunement with the natural world?

Photo by John Hornsby
Photo by John Hornsby

Connecting with our primordial intelligence is one way to embody our most sacred nature.

Deep within our bodies are trillions of tiny cells.  Surrounded by and infused with fluid, these wise beings know how to nourish themselves and release what they no longer need.  Deep peace can be felt if only you care to seek shelter within their semi-permeable embrace. Try this:  begin with your breath, and of course a greeting.  Permission is your secret password. Ride the wave of your inhale through all the tiny portals of your seven layer cloak, your outer yes or no to touching/being touched by the world. Release into the vastness of your inner ocean.  Moving, going, doing, seeking – all live here. Can you feel the flow? Allow yourself to be drawn into the center of it all, the quiet of it all, the rest inside the motion, inside the chaos, inside the longing, the yearning, the struggle, the confusion, doubt, fear.  Here inside the cell there is space, softness, comfort. Breathe. Just be. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go. Like a pond inside an ocean, this stillness, this presence, this peace, already exists. Trillions of sanctuaries within. Each one, at its core, like the other. Each one harmoniously forming layers of tissue. Each group of tissues skillfully building their own communities of peace.

Finding rest within your cellular fluid, you can bring presence and peace to your everyday activities. You can ground into the “beingness” of your true self. And should the world tug on you, you can move quickly without rushing, feeling the support of your cells deep within you.

Be sure to let us know how you feel when connecting with your own deep wisdom within. Please post your comments below.

More on Cellular Breathing: In her book entitled Wisdom of the Body Moving, one of my Body-Mind Centering colleagues Linda Hartley pens a beautiful exploration in Cellular Breathing. I encourage you to record her words, and in your own voice, guide yourself through this lovely somatization.


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