Touching Ground With Balance

Pineapple Weed
Some of Pineapple Weed’s medicine is to cool, calm, and heal dry, hot, irritated areas — such as gravel roadways or an inflamed gut.

Today is the Autumn Equinox, when the day and night are equal in length. This is the time of year when we feel into the balance of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine energies in ourselves, and in the daily round of our lives. How are we tending to the sacred space and what we hold dear in our intimate circles, in our home and hearts? How about for Gaia, our Mother Earth herself?

Queen Anne's Lace abundance - photo
Queen Anne’s Lace in abundance – photo by Jane Valencia.

And how are we active in our wider circles, taking a stand for our vision and convictions, helping others to make a stand for theirs, and engaging in the tasks necessary to create health and well-being for our home, wider circles, and the earth? How are our actions “star-aligned” — in accord with the energies of a larger reality?

If we sense that we are out of balance in some aspect of our Village of Self, what might we do to bring ourselves into balance?

Autumn Equinox is also the time of community celebration, harvest, and gratitude. In times past, various cultures celebrated their version of Thanksgiving at this time of glorious abundance.

As we as women settle into the new and renewed rhythms and routines of this time of year, we might take some time outside to soak in the interesting interplay that is the last warmth, blaze, and glory of summer, and the turn to crisp, cool, work-focused autumn and the beginning of the energetic sequence that is both creative fire (often a more community-focused than at other times of year), and a storing up for the winter.

How are you engaging physically with the energies of the Autumn Equinox? And how are they engaging physically with and within you?

One way to engage with balance, to rest into the shifting of the seasons and into a source of connection, strength, and openness to navigating the inevitable change in our lives, is to engage in a daily practice of what may well be the oldest nature way we have for tuning into the nourishing and replenishing peace woven into the world and which also resides within each and every cell of our body.

If you haven’t had a chance to read (and view!) the previous post, The Oldest for Practice for Restoring Peace to our Hearts, we invite you to do so.

We want to hear your stories. Please share your reflections and experiences with us!

Women’s Nature Ways Update

Autumn Blessing - photo art by Jane Valencia
Autumn Blessing – photo art by Jane Valencia

Enrollment for our year-long transformational program is underway! We have a vibrant and beautiful circle of women emerging to join us on this journey and adventure. Will you be one of our circle?

You can find out about the Women’s Nature Ways program by starting here.

If you have any questions, hesitations, or just want to connect with us personally about the program, please contact us. We’re happy to schedule a time for one of us — Stacey or Jane — to talk with you. We want to support you in discerning if this program is an exciting and right choice for you at this time. Space is limited, so we encourage you to check in soon.

Many blessings of Autumn to you!

Post by Jane Valencia


The Oldest Practice for Restoring Peace to our Hearts

As women we engage with many weaves of connection as we tend to family, community, and to other aspects of the world that we love. The ancient practice of the Sit Spot or Sacred Spot invites us to open to the natural world outside of us and within us to rebalance and nourish our whole selves, and help restore inner peace.

The process is simple! Just step outside and take in the nature around you with all your senses. I encourage you to find that nature within you, through sensation or your imagination.

That cloud above? How and where do experience that cloud within your physical body? How about in your sensations, or in the thoughts that arise?

The ivy climbing that wall? Where does that plant make its home within you — where is it literally “climbing the wall” in your thoughts? Is this an “edgy” notion to consider? If so, how might this expression of nature feel supportive of you instead? How might you even find replenishment from it?

Return to that same spot at different times of the day or night. Return to it and pause there daily, if possible. What do you notice? How might you expand your awareness each time you return? What new thing might you notice and how is it part of you–physically, emotionally, spiritually? As you return, notice, and engage with passing time and seasons (don’t let the rain stop you!), how do you find that this Sacred Spot mirrors your own unique, sacred nature?

Have you ever had a secret place outside that you returned to again and again? What gifts did you receive from that place during that time?

You can layer many threads into a Sit Spot practice, but at the heart of it is the reminder, and felt realization and understanding, that we women are indeed nature woven. We can take rest and nourishment from that awareness and your experience of it!

I hope you enjoy this short video. Please share your stories, musings, and reflections in the comment box below!

Posted by Jane Valencia