If You Were Sculpted of Flowers

Welcome to Women’s Nature Ways. We’re delighted you dropped by! For our first post, please enjoy some amazing art Stacey discovered of human organs sculpted from flowers, as well as a bit of fanciful imagining.

Lungs - by Camila Carlow, Eye Heart Spleen project
Lungs – by Camila Carlow, Eye Heart Spleen project
Uterus - art by Camila Carlow, Eye Heart Spleen project
Uterus – art by Camila Carlow, Eye Heart Spleen project

Artist Camila Carlow created a series of 13 images of human organs made from flowers and other plant material, of which those on this page are three. Read more about Camila Carlow and her Eye Heart Spleen project here.

In Women’s Nature Ways we celebrate the beauty and awesome mystery that exists within and around us — particularly by way of our own bodies, and of the plants. These images provide a lovely inner landscape for beginning that journey.

Leafy women (greenwomen) and women made of flowers are archetypes found in art and folklore. In a medieval Welsh tale, for example, the character Blodeuwedd is a woman made of oak, broom, and meadowsweet flowers.

Imagine that your lungs, heart, and uterus are made of flowers, berries, vines, seeds, leaves? Which plants are where inside you? Settle into that imagining.

Resting within your leafy, flower-filled self, what do you smell? What do you feel? Taste? Touch? Hear?  Cradle the notion that the plants and flowers in this imagining are both you and not you (but part of you). What might they have to communicate with you? Open your mind and heart. Receive whatever comes your way in the dreaming.

Heart - art by Camila Carlow, Eye Heart Spleen project
Heart – art by Camila Carlow, Eye Heart Spleen project

… Then, with a thank you to your flowery, leafy self, come back to who you are in the here-and-now (or think you are!)

We each have lungs, a heart, a uterus. Perhaps our organs are not flower-and-leaf filled, but they are certainly nourished physically, in part, by plants.

What are your organs to you? Do you regard them as you, not-you, something else altogether, or not at all? What might they be communicating to you? Rest into the possibility that your organs  (as well as many other aspects of yourself) might be talking with you all the time. What might they be saying? And are those words/fancies/feelings different from before, when they were plant-sculpted lungs, heart, or uterus?

With a thank you to your organ-ic self (forgive the word play!), come back to your usual orientation of self.

Has anything shifted in your perception of you?

Share any of your thoughts and musings below!

Post by Jane Valencia

8 thoughts on “If You Were Sculpted of Flowers”

  1. Jane, this set my imagination alight. I am recovering from the flu and my lungs are feeling a bit raw. I’m going to lie down and rest some more, and imagine them full of sweetly fragrant flowers, maybe violets and lily of the valley. Thank you.

    1. How lovely, Juliet! My herbalist mind delights that Violet and Lily of the Valley have speak deeply with you. Violet is a lovely mucilagenous herb (so, soothing to the mucous membranes) — and powerful in this and other ways, including as a lymphogogue — helping to relieve congestion and swollen lymph glands. Did you know this (intellectually) about Violet (Viola odorata)? If not, it does indeed seem that your body and your heart’s attraction to Violet sensed this soothing affinity to you and your lungs at this time!

      Lily-of-the-Valley (Convallaria majalis) is not a plant I’ve worked with, but the literature indicates that it is quite a powerful plant — a cardiac stimulant similar to Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea, but with milder and perhaps safer effects. My imaginative mind wonders if Lily-of-the-Valley serves you here as a heart protector, gently nudging you back from illness, even as Violet comforts, nourishes, and soothes?

      What does your imaginative heart tell you about these lovely plants and their relationship and “medicine” to you right now?

  2. Jane, not sure if my comment posted, so here goes again. Your blogpost set my imagination alight. My lungs are still feeling a bit raw after the flu. I’m going to lie down and imagine them full of sweetly fragrant flowers, maybe violets and lily of the valley.

  3. Love the beautiful images, Jane, and your prompt to explore organs in a larger sense than pictured on the pages of an anatomy book. In Chinese Medicine, we talk about “organs” (e.g., the Heart, the Kidneys) as encompassing much more than their biomedical equivalent. We think of them as shorthand for a constellation of relationships and functions–not just structures. Interesting to play with bringing in plants here…with their deep, feminine wisdom.

    1. Yes, indeed! I love how you express the Chinese Medicine sense of the “organs” — as constellations of relationships and functions, and not just structures. I think Stacey, from her Body-Mind Centering® perspective would agree with you, even as we speak of and explore the mind and intelligence of the structures themselves.

      I’m intrigued too by your comment that plants have a deep, feminine wisdom. I agree with you, and am curious how you have come to sense this and name it as such!

      1. Indeed, Dana and Jane, from a Body-Mind Centering® perspective the organs give us a sense of our inner fullness and authentic expression. When you embody organ consciousness, you develop a deep relationship with your emotions, personal histories, and longing for a life lived fully. Each organ will have their own story to tell as it provides you with personal legacy and a deep support for your outward expression.

  4. Thank you for this! I realized yesterday that it might be time to inquire into my uterus and creativity, and I felt a bit anxious and averse about it. Imagining into the plant, flower, seed nature of my uterus is very relaxing.

    1. Dianne, it’s lovely to hear from you! I’m so glad this meditation was relaxing for you. You might want to take time to be with a tree or a low-growing plant that seems to speak to you. I have found both to be supportive energetically when I’ve felt especially vulnerable. In my experience they can help support any practice I have for feeling grounded and safe as I prepare to engage with something challenging for me. It’s worth experimenting with, if that idea speaks to you. Blessings!

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