Body Intelligence. Plant Spirit. Mother Earth.

A rich ground to nourish you to keep making a difference.

You’re a mother or an auntie or both. You’re partnered or flying solo or somewhere in between. A friend and confidante to many, many rely upon you. You work hard, and enjoy hard work, making a difference where you can in your family and community.

But keeping your calm and center in your full life can be tricky, and even your best practices for tending self and spirit are sometimes not enough (and maybe even fall by the wayside all together!). You want to keep your light heart and to reliably tune into balance and inner strength, yet you wonder if joy and vitality in each day will be possible as the realities of life continue to unfold.

Welcome to Women’s Nature Ways.

Here, you will find replenishing joy and wisdom that is as close as your body within, the soil beneath your feet, and the plants outside your door.

Join us for one of our weekend retreats or our year-long transformational journey in which we learn from our bodies, plants, and the earth how to live more fully as women nourished and supported by the nature around and within us.

We invite you to find out about our current offering here.

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